Wednesday 17 August 2016

Satire or serious?

There's a web site called Trump Youth. I don't know if there's any link to the US presidential hopeful.

It talks about "secure a future free from the usurious banking system" and "The evil forces of Globalism have waged a war on Nature".

It's a bit vague about who this nefarious enemy is. So I looked into it.

There's a video "A Message From The Leader", and  The Leader is Jayme Louis Liardi. So I went to his web site.   On his "writings" page, I find "If you have no identity, one will be installed into you by the kosher forces of The State".

OK, now I know who the evil forces are. It's us jews again.



  1. Third possibility- it is political dirty tricks, an attempt to make Trump look bad by linking his name to tinfoil hat or racist ideology.

    1. If that were the case, you'd think Trump would go to law to prevent his brand from being sullied.

    2. He has a lot on his plate just now, and it would take a decade to tackle all of the spurious scurrilous attacks that are coming his way.

      For instance, the mainstream media frequently interview his daughter, who is part of his campaign, and invariably ask her about his "treatment" of women. The same media interview Chelsea Clinton, but have never once asked her about Bill's treatment of women, though he is a known sex pest and alleged rapist.

      Part of the motivation for this kind of attack is to get the person attacked to respond; then you can build on that and make the news all about a manufactured issue. The original slur need not be believed by anyone. It is a "some say" or "concern has been raised" which a biased media can use to overwhelm a candidates message.

  2. I'm gastronomically jewish, I've explained this in previous posts. My ideal meal is chicken soup with lockshen, followed by chopped liver, followed by salt beef and latkes, followed by cheesecake in the New York style. And if there's any room left after that, top up with a bacon sandwich.

  3. So you are only a gastromic global evil force!