Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Goodbye Firefox, hello Chrome

I've been a staunch Firefox user, running on my Fedora Linux computer. But I can't take it any more.

It happened with the last upgrade to version 55. Suddenly, radio buttons and check boxes don't work. That is, they do work, but I can't tell which radio button has been pressed, because Firefox shows them as all on, or all off, no matter what I do. Ditto check boxes.

Also, it crashes occasionally.

This is serious. There's so many things I use that need radio buttons. The user interface for all my in-house systems, is the browser (because why write a user interface when it's already been done?).

After a couple of weeks of this, I'm done. So I've exported all my bookmarks etc to Chrome, and now I'm a Chrome user, with "script defender" instead of Noscript, and Adblock Plus to fend off advertising.

Yes, I know the arguments about how can web sites get funded if I block advertising. But the fact of malvertising, because ad networks won't or can't keep malicious software off their advertisement networks, means that I have to block all adverts.

So it's goodbye Firefox, hello Chrome.


  1. Comodo makes firefox-alike and chrome-alike browsers, which are supposedly more secure (and in the case of Comodo Dragon, the chrome-alike, does not contribute to the Googlisation of the web). These are based on open source projects. I use Ice Dragon, the firefox-alike. And uBlock Origin.

  2. +1 for uBlock Origin (*not* uBlock), worthy of consideration instead of Adblock Plus.