Tuesday 12 September 2017

The dark side of the moon

The moon has a dark side, and a light side. As it rotates (it does rotate relative to the sun, that's why the moon has phases) the dark side moves around the moon, just as the dark side of the earth moves around, being opposite to the side that faces the sun.

I don't think you need to be a rocket scientist to know that.

The moon rotates in the same period as it rotates around the earth. So we always see one side, we never see the other side (at least, not from standing on the earth). The other side is usually called "the far side". Or you might call it "the back side of the moon".

Again, it's pretty simple. Unless you're a journalist who writes for The Times.

"Space tourists could one day sleep in hotels in the midst of a “village” on the dark side of the Moon"

Uh, no. You mean on the far side of the moon. Good grief, even the Daily Mail gets this right! Building a village on the dark side of the moon, would be as impossible as building a village on the night side of the Earth.

Maybe The Times should hire an astrologer to help them get their facts right? Because even an astrologer would get that right, and I doubt if the journalists at the Times would be able to tell an astrologer from an astronomer.

And I expect astrologers are cheaper.

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