Sunday 22 September 2019


Imagine a system of government where important issues are voted on, but once that vote is done, the issue can never be revisited. Imagine a situation where if the Nationalist Social British Worker's Party is voted into power, it can never be voted out again.

Imagine a situation where the electorate, once it has spoken, is not allowed to change its mind when the situation changes, or they discover that things are not happening as promised.

Imagine that, when some people who want to change things, are told "No, we voted on that years ago, so it has to be like that from now on."

And then imagine how it feels when, people who want change and are willing to have a democratic vote for change, are told "No, we had a vote on that once before, so we can't have a vote again, even though we have now found information that has led us to change our minds"

When the General Election happens (probably in the next few months), I will be voting Liberal Democrat. I haven't forgotten their past incompetence, but that is insignificant compared to the appalling mess that is Tory, Labour, UKIP or Brexit. Because they've found a way out of the mess that those parties got us into, and the way out is simple.

Revoke article 50. End the nightmare of Brexit, and we can dump the way that one single issue has dominated politics to the exclusion of all other issues, and get back to tackling all the other issues in this country.


  1. Are you a representative sample of the Brexiters?

  2. 17.4 Million people we WIN You loose if you don't like it best you fuck off to Israel and get them to take our place in the EU, after all they enter the Eurovision song contest each year ......but never contribute to the cost of it just like most of the countries in the EU