Friday 20 September 2019

Deal or no deal?

I've started seeing the advertising. "Prepare for a no-deal Brexit."

I've also seen that a no-deal Brexit would be illegal, since Parliament passed a law to say so.

So I'm supposed to prepare for something illegal?

I checked out the government's web site. They're saying that if there's no deal, then I'm bound by the VAT laws of the EU.

Wait, what? What happened to "clean break"? What happened to "Take back control"? I'm being told that, if there is no deal (which would be illegal) then I have to register with the VAT authorities of an EU country (I can choose which) so that I can pay VAT on digital sales to EU countries, to the EU country who made the purchase.

I really don't understand this. Canada (for example) has a VAT (they call it GST), but no-one has ever suggested that I have to send money to Canada for sales made to Canadians. Likewise every other foreign country. So, under no-deal (which is illegal), the EU becomes 27 foreign countrues. Why do I have to obey their tax laws?

But, maybe this won't happen, since no-deal is illegal.

I shall have to consult my accountant, and get a written opinion. That way, if they're wrong, I can point the finger at the accountant.

On October 31st, something might or might not happen. If it happens, no-one knows what the result will be. If it doesn't happen, no-one knows what the result will be.

I'm as ready as I'll ever be. Are you?

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