Sunday 25 November 2018

Whither Brexit?

Now that the Mogg Coup (it isn't a coup, don't call it a coup) has failed, May will be PM for the foreseeable future. So it's the May Plan for Brexit. Or not.

So, maybe the EU will accept it (except, what about Gibraltar? What about Northern Ireland?) or maybe we'll continue to ask for something they can't accept. But will parliament accept it?

It looks to me like parliament is not going to accept the May Plan. There doesn't seem to be enough votes for it. If that happens, then what?

That leave two possibilities. Leave without a deal ("Crash out") or ask to change our minds ("Remain").

Who decides?

What if we then take a vote in parliament for "Crash out" and that's rejected?

Oh no! A "people's vote", which is what we seem to be calling a "referendum" theese days, because "referendum" is a four syllable latinate word, where's "people's vote" is Anglo-saxon.
But what else is there, at that point? Except that it'll probably be too late to organise, because it'll take a long time to squabble over whether there shoulf be three choices (May, Crash, Remain) or two (Crash, Remain). And I can't see how May could be a possibility because, in that scenario, it's already been rejected by parliament.

So we vote between Crash out and Remain. And now that we've seen how well our government has handled Brexit, why would we think they could handle Crash out?

And after we vote Remain, the EU says "Yes, but not with the favourable terms that Thatcher got for you"

Don't look at me. I voted Remain in 2016, 2 1/2 years ago.

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