Monday 19 November 2018

Update on the accident

Now it's 6 weeks from the accident. The huge bruise has faded, and the ribs feel good. I can sleep on my right side now. I'm off all the medications except the ones I was on before the accident (Warfarin for blood, Statin for chloesterol and eyedrops for preventing glaucoma). But my blood INR is still unsettled, so I'm taking slightly less Warfarin.

I took a big buch of flowers to the first aider who stopped and helped me until the ambulance arrived (she was very pleased), and I wrote a detailed letter to the woman who caused the accident, suggesting that she make a substantial donation to the NHS (she agreed).

So will I get back on the bike? I want to, but I'm going to have to fight with ladysolly about that.

But I Jeremy Corbyn can bike around London, surely I can bike around Amersham?

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