Thursday 4 January 2018

I can send texts!

The Hologram Nova arrived. It cost $49, and then I had to pay some sort of import tax.

I connected it to a Raspberry Pi, and tried to install the software. The error messages led me to think that I'd need to upgrade the version of Raspbian, so I did that, and tried again. This time, the Hologram software installed.

I went to their web site at and registered the Sim that came wiith the device. I chose the free option. That went well. Then I created a devicekey, and then I tried it out.

hologram send -v --sms --devicekey xxxxxxxx --destination +44yyyyyyyyyy   "This is a test"

xxxxxxxx is my devicekey, yyyyyyyyyy is my mobile number, with the leading zero removed. And after about ten minutes of so, the text appeared on my mobile phone.

So now I can log into the Pi with the Nova and send texts to anyone with a mobile phone.

Evil laughter ...

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  1. There are plenty of text message sending services out there, many which let you seriously customise the message sent out (including the from address). Sending a text message is as simple as calling a web service.