Monday 8 January 2018

Fox hunting

In the last election, the Tory manifesto promised to have another vote on the banned animal-torture of fox hunting. That was one of my reasons for not voting Tory; I was horrified that there would be a possibility that this dreadful activity would be made legal. What about bear baiting? Dog fighting? Cock fighting?

If the want to go out with horse and hounds, there is the perfectly harmless activity called "drag hunting" whereby a man runs out first, dragging a sack of aniseed or suchlike. Then the horse and hounds chase the man. If they catch him, then they win, and the hounds jump joyfully around the friend that they have tracked. No-one gets hurt.

Now, Theresa May has announced that they've changed their minds. There won't be another vote on fox hunting.

If she'd said that before the last election, she might have done a lot better.


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