Tuesday 10 January 2017

I almost killed a person

I was driving along my lane. It was dark, and there's no street lights. A couple of cars came towards me, so I hugged the left side of the road. The headlights of the oncoming cars meant that I couldn't really see anything except their lights.

A moment after they had passed, I saw a pedestrian, on my side of the road, walking in the road (there's no pavement or verge at that point).

I saw him (or her) because he was carrying a torch, and I saw the torch flash, so I swerved away and avoided the walker.

If they hadn't been carrying a torch, I wouldn't have seen them at all. Would I have hit them? I actually don't know, but there's absolutely no verge at that point, and I was very close to the road side (because that's where I had to be owing to the oncoming cars).

Anyway, the lesson is this. If you're going to walk down an unlit road, in the dark, and there's no pavement or verge, be sure to carry a torch so that you can be seen.

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