Tuesday 31 January 2017

Circling Banbury

There's a route that goes all around Banbury; 50 caches plus some bonuses. Yesterday, I went out to do that after several weeks of non-caching (I had a heavy cold, possibly flu). After so long without exercise, I was totally wasted by the time I got back home, barely able to walk.

The highlight of the day was the Banbury Cross webcam cache. I stood in the right place, with my bicycle, and took these pictures; these are screenshoots from my iPhone. I'm a bit blurry, but the bike came out well.

One important thing I discovered; my iPhone doesn't hold charge, barely at all. So I'm using an external battery now. But ladysolly's started talking about upgrading her iPhone, so I'll inherit her previous one.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the circuit. I'm back on the 11th to finish it off and attend a local event.

  2. I have all the letters, in case you need any.