Sunday 13 August 2017

Bump bump

As we were getting off the ferry from Dublin to Holyhead (I can really recommend that ferry, great free food if you're club class, comfortable and the sea was glass) I scraped the right side of the car on the ferry, because the person driving off to my left was, I thought, a bit too close. Oops. All my fault. Ladysolly said "I bet you get away with it. If that was me, it would be major damage".

She was right. There was a big smear of yellow on the car, but when that was wiped off, there was no visible damage. And I'd guess that the ferry gets this all the time.

So on Friday, I had another bump. This time, I was parked in our front gravel, and the bump was ladysolly reversing into me. I have to point out in her favour that I was parked at an angle and too far forward, but I'd also point out that she has previous in this.

I had a look at the damage. The blue (from her car) easily rubbed off, leaving a couple of places at the front where the paint is slightly chipped. But I checked with a magnet, and the place where the paint is chipped, is plastic, so it isn't going to rust.

However, the damage she did to her own car is far worse; two long scratches in the side of her car. Plus I get considerable dibs on making hay of the incident.

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