Friday 16 February 2024

 Hello world. This is Paul Smith, one of the Doc's old friends.

It's my very sad duty to let his readers know that, having suddenly become more ill at the end of January, there will be no more updates of this blog by the great man.

He passed away, surrounded by his loving family, on Monday the 12th of February, leaving a huge hole in their lives and the lives of his many friends, wider family, geocaching mates, pals from S&S and a broad selection of other jobs/work/interests...

I'd the pleasure of knowing him, his wit, his unique perspective, and especially his kindness (except to telephone scammers!) for over 16 years - we used to geocache together, where I heard many colourful stories from his life, and enjoyed many a good-natured argument about issues of the day (we usually ended-up agreeing) - and am grateful our paths crossed again in recent months as he battled bravely (always very stoic!) with his health challenges.

I hope this blog will remain as a little online insight into a complex, charming, sweet man - indeed, a gentleman - and more people will discover the Wisdom of Solly through his past posts here. They'll give me comfort, I know.

I'll sign off this post with a salute to the man, and to his faithful band of acolytes here; he enjoyed writing for you.


  1. Thank you Paul for sharing the sad news about our dad. If anyone on here knew him personally or virtually we'd love to hear stories and memories about him. Love, Daugther. 2

  2. Saddened to hear your news.
    I met him once, so authoritative and authentic in the professional world he occupied.
    Have kept up with his adventures via the blog.
    His thoughtful insights will be missed.

  3. We're very sorry for your loss We've followed this blog for years & always enjoyed his tales.

  4. That’s very sad news a great man. I met him as a teenager who was interested in computer viruses maybe 30 years ago. He was extremely generous with his time and his passion for technology. He is a big reason I entered the technology industry.
    I am sure I am not alone in entering the industry on the back of meeting him or following his writings.

    My condolences to his family and friends .

    1. Same for me. I attended one of his talks on viruses as a teenager and he spurred my interest in computer technology.
      Sad news.

  5. I'm very sorry to hear this news. Condolences to all his family and friends. Though I never met him in person, I enjoyed reading about his past and his current activities including his day by day blog during Covid. Rest In Peace.

  6. Alan is the one I credit for guiding my ethics in the AV field. I'm glad I was able to tell him that a few years ago.

    Thank you, Alan!

    -- Jimmy Kuo