Monday 8 January 2024

Fiat service - more lack of

Fiat service - more lack of

Following the advice of Barry at Glyn Hopkin, on January 5th I took my non-working spare key to another dealer, because as of December 31, Glyn H is no longer a Fiat dealer.

So I went to Thames Motor. Looking at their forecourt, they're a very big Fiat dealer! They took my keys, and after about an hour, they said they couldn't program the key. They said that either the key wasn't working, or it was the wrong sort of key.

So I called Fiat, and told them where we were, and I called Glyn Hopkin and gave them the same information.

Fiat said they'd look into this. Barry wasn't at Glyn, but his helper asked me to put the whole story in writing and send that, which I have.

So now it's been over two months, and all I have is a piece of plastic that, apparently, can't be made into a key.

I don't see how Glyn can help me further, because they are no longer a Fiat dealer. I don't see how Thames can help, they already tried to program the key I got from Glyn.

Let's see what Fiat says, they said they'd reply by 9 January.

A spare key is a small matter; I wonder how these people would deal with something more important? As of now, if a friend asked me whether they should buy a Fiat, I would advise not.

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