Tuesday 3 October 2023



I just watched Partygate on Channel four, and I'm appalled and furious. They really didn't think that the rules applied to them!

We had a visit recently from our local Conservative candidate, and I was quite rude to him. Now I think I wasn't rude enough.

There needs to be an enquiry. Prosecutions should be severe. £50 fines are just not enough - there should be very stiff fines for some, prison for others, and shame should be heaped on all who participated.

Didn't anyone say "Hold on, this is wrong, we shouldn't be doing this."

The British people made huge sacrifices during the Covid years, but these despicable people could not even sacrifice their parties. They behaved like irresponsible children.

The channel four program should be repeated again and again - this political gang should not be elected again until they are able to display a proper level of responsibility.

The picture above is of actors in the Channel four drama.

And this is the Channel Four released video.

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