Tuesday 18 January 2022

Day 673 of self-isolation - The post arrived!

The post arrived!

The post arrived today - in large numbers. We got 30 letters, that being the cumulative buildup pf post over the last month or so.

For example, one letter from Oxford Hospitals was dated 10th December, and asked me to come in for an XR chest examination, which I have not done because I didn't know about it. And there were some other letters from Oxford Hospitals about appointments that I have kept, because I told them that if they want me, the MUST email or text about the appointment.

There were numerous letters from the bank about routine matters, a couple of magazines, and a wifi antenna.

We've been having this problem with our post for some months now, and I've been told it's because of staffing problems. But I cannot imagine what kind of staffing problems would lead to letters arriving more than a month after dispatch.

We're going to make a formal complaint about this.


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  1. From
    Martin Anthony Tett

    Good to see that the abysmal service provided by
    in the Amersham area is receiving some national publicity. Still waiting for a response to my letter to the Chairman after a week and a half.