Sunday 2 January 2022

Day 657 of self-isolation - VAT OSS


VAT MOSS (VAT mini one stop shop) was the way that I used to pay VAT to EU countries; I used to use the UK system, but when we left the EU, I had to register with an EU country - I chose Ireland. They speak English.

Suddenly, VAT MOSS disappeared, and there's a new service called VAT OSS. (VAT One stop shop). It's exactly the same as VAT MOSS, but it's a different system. The things I fill in are the same.

It's almost as if they just changed the name, for no reason that I can imagine. I've been using the Irish system for a year now, and two of my returns are in the old VAT MOSS system, and two are in the new VAT OSS system.

I really hate it when things that I have to use, are changed for no good reason.

Oh well.

I filled in the data, and made the payment, and now I have to hope that the Irish tax people pay the various countries as they are supposed to, so that I don't get sudden allegations of non-payment, plus demands for money, from whichever EU country can't keep its paperwork straight.

I'm glad that I'm not shipping goods. The paperwork for that must be a nightmare now that we've left the EU.


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