Wednesday 22 December 2021

Day 645 of self-isolation - too much Omicron

Too much Omicron

The latest report on the number of new cases in the UK has reached 106,122. This is the first time that new case numbers per day have exceeded 100,000.

The response of our half-baked government is, of course, to do nothing. It's almost as if they are hoping for a Christmas truce. Overworked nurses and doctors will play football againt a team of various variants from Alpha to Omicron, and then we'll all sing Christmas carols together, before returning to the intensive care units to resume battle the next day.

The source of this fear is in the likely reaction to taking action sooner. People will wonder whether senior government politicians and civil servants, will eschew their own parties, while we, the hoi polloi, sit lonely at home, parted from our loved ones by government fiat. We know that last year it was one rule for us, no rules for them.

After Christmas, of course, the bans will arrive (or possibly they'll wait until after New Year's Day). 

But the virus knows not of any truce. Covid hasn't signed an armistice.


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