Sunday 19 December 2021

Day 642 of self-isolation - Britain leads the way!

Britain leads the way!

The original Covid-19 had an R0 number of 3, meaning that each person infected, passed the virus on to three other people. And, as we all know, it spread very quickly.

Then we saw the alpha variant (which seems to have originated in Kent) - that had an R0 of 4 to 5, and as a result, replaced the original Covid throughout the UK. Then came delta, with an R0 of 6 to 8, which soon replaced alpha and became pretty much the only variant of Covid in the UK.

Now the UK is hosting the Omicron varian, which is said to be as infectious as measles, with an R0 of about 18.

Why the UK? Why us?  Maybe we're just unlucky. Or maybe our oven-ready half-baked government has made blunder after blunder - the late 2020 lockdown, the idiotic "eat out to help out" plan, the "circuit breaker" that didn't happen - and now, our world-beating half-baked government is straining every sinew to avoid taking action before Christmas, at a time when the daily count of new cases is higher than ever before, and not much short of 100,000 per day. Plus the attitude they seem to have, that the rules they publish for US to follow, don't apply to THEM.

And if the R0 number is 18, then we don't get herd immunity until 95% of the population is immune, and that isn't going to happen, partly because of anti-vaxxers, and partly because you can get Covid more than once.

This winter is going to be bleak.



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