Monday 1 November 2021

Day 594 of self-isolation - Six feet

Six feet

This changes everything. I used to tell people that I'm six foot tall, because that sounds good - actually, I was more like five feet eleven and a half. And now, when I measure myself in the morning, I'm five feet eleven inches.

But as we all know, during the day the vertebrae settle a bit, so when I just got officially measured, I came in at five feet ten. So my BMI comes in at 27.7 and I have to get down to twelve stone six to stop being "overweight". That's 18 pounds to lose, but I think I'll be losing it more slowly than I have been, because we're increasing my protein intake a bit, and I've started taking exercise.

Ten minutes on the treadmill, and my heart rate went up to 110, I worked up a sweat, and my right ankle hurts. So the next ten minutes on the stationary bike, still working up a sweat, but not hurting my ankle.

But I'm still going to tell people that I'm six feet tall, nearly.


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