Sunday 31 October 2021

Day 593 of self-isolation - Busy writing manuals

Busy writing manuals

I've been writing some manuals today. Manuals for doing billing, for doing PAYE and for doing VAT. I've obviously had all this information on file, but it wasn't in the form of "Do this, then do that, then do the other thing ..."

This should make it easier for myself (or anyone else) to do the routines I've been doing for years now.

I also started doing exercise (ugh). I have a thing that I inhale from against some resistance to improve my lung strength. And I've started using the treadmill (double ugh). And the stationary bike. That this bike needs is an electric motor and some batteries!

Ten minutes on the treadmill and I'm sweating and my heart rate is 110. Ten minutes on the bike and the same effect.

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