Wednesday 27 October 2021

Day 590 of self-isolation - MRI scan

MRI scan

I'm going for an MRI scan at Wycombe hospital. Is the mauve light really a thing?

My blood sugar is ranging between 7 and 9. And I just got this spam ...

Here’s how to do it yourself
(1) Get your thumb and index finger
(2) And then do this strange pinch method
to rapidy reset your blood sugar levels!

I didn't bother to get the details.

 ... later ...


The scan is done. It wasn't painful, but I wouldn't want to do one every day. They put a cannula in my arm in order to inject the dye, and it was a big ouch when the took the sticky plaster off.

I lay on my back, unmoving for over an hour. That, of course, locked up my back, and getting up again wasn't easy. I was told about the ludness, but I didn't notice anyting very loud - maybe because they put huge headphones on me to block the noise.

I was having to breathe in and out and hold for 19 seconds, but that isn't difficult.

But I was glad to get out of there.

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