Saturday 23 October 2021

Day 586 of self-isolation - Home blood test

Home blood test

I don't really need to do these tests, they are really for people on insulin. But I like to know where I am.

I did my first blood test using the Accu-chek; I did it some hours after eating, It took me three tries to get it right. I had to line up the finger-pricker with the lancets. Then I didn't get enough blood, but on the third attempt, I got it right, and came in at 7.9

Normal is less than 7.8  mmol/L (millimoles per litre). Just to confuse us, they also use units of milligrams per decilitre, and I come in at 142. To convert, you multiply by 18.

 And then there's HbA1c. That's what you measure when you do a full blood analysis, and it's an average of what your glucose (meaning, sugar) has been over the last three months - this is based on the amount of glucose that has stuck to the blood cells. The objective for that is 48 mmol/mol or 6.5%. Blood glucose numbers are different from HbA1c.

So, my 7.9 is looking good. Still diabetic, but only just. It'll go up after a meal, and I'm guessing down if I do a test first thing in the morning. 

Also - keyboard 4 is fixed, after reassembling it for the third time. So, now I've fixed all four faulty IBM Model M keyboards.


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