Friday 15 October 2021

Day 578 of self-isolation - Keyboard three reassembled

Keyboard three reassembled

I've learned a bit more - don't bother with replacing the rivets at the front edge. Also - note which places on the keyholder, don't have a buckling spring assembly; mark with a red cross, otherwise you won't know which ones to leave empty when you reassemble.

So, I reassembled the keyboard and tested it. It worked ... except for the letter U. Clearly, I can't use a keyboard that is missing the U, although I can create a U using the alt key and the numeric keypad, but that's  clumsy.

I think the problem would be that during the reassembly, I didn't get that bucking spring assembly right. So, I'll have to dismantle the keyboard and try again

The original problem that this keyboard had, is solved. I think it was the mess on the plastic sheets

It'll be much easier second time around - no chiselling or drilling required, and no washing. Also, I've been gradually collecting tools to make the job easier. Plus, practice makes things easier.

I'll use "showkey -k" to test the keys. Also the grey + key on my main workstation keyboard wasn't working. I took off the keycap, and prodded the bucking spring assembly with a plastic prodder, replaced the keycap, and now it's working!


  1. Dr S, Not sure where you have been for the last 20 years, but now you don't need a keyboard to input data.

    "Hey Google"

    Glad to see you and Lady S have survived 578 days so far!

    1. Not every new thing is better. I'm using a keyboard (IBM Model M) that was made more than 30 years ago, because it's still the best of all I've tried (except maybe the IBM Model F, of which I have ne). And the Microsoft optical mouse (the best Microsoft product ever) that is 20 years old. Because it's the best.

      Yes, I have a Google Home, and it's good for setting an alarm or telling me the weather forecast. But I wouldn't like to use it for buying something on eBay.