Friday 1 October 2021

Day 564 of self-isolation - Model M part 2, drilling

Model M part 2, drilling

Drilling. The drill is set up in the stand, and I'm ready to go. I need one hand to hold the backplate, one hand to hold the drill trigger, and one hand to pull the lever that lowers the drill bit. Unfortunately, evolution didn't give me three hands. Fortunately, evolution gave me a brain.

I used an adjustable clamp to hold the trigger down and keep the drill spinning, so I was able to make do with two hands. There are 87 holes to drill, and it takes a surprising length of time to drill and install the nut and bolt. So far, I've done 17 of them, but it's been a learning process, and it'll be faster tomorrow.

The buckling springs are clean and dry. And the keycaps are clean and drying. All the layers from inside the keyboard are clean and dry.


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