Thursday 26 August 2021

Day 528 of self-isolation - Model F

Model F

My first PC keyboard was a model F. The layout is very different from a model M, and the interface is very different.  I was able to find a converter to deal with the interface, so I was able to connect it to my HP xw6600 and it worked. But the layout is so different to the model M, I don't think I can use it. My fingers know where to go on a keyboard, and if a keyboard is significantly different, it really bothers me and slows me down.

That's a pity, because the feel of that keyboard is even better than the model M.

It cost me £288. It was the only keyboard you could use at the time I bought it (1983). It was a very good keyboard.

One day, the Q key stopped working. After staggering along for a while without it, the problem worsened; the W key stopped working. So I dismantled it. There were a LOT of pieces, and I found that the problem was a dead greenfly. I cleaned everything, and reassembled it, and it worked again.

And it still works. But the layout isn't close enough to a model M for me to feel happy with it. Yes, I could get used to ut, but all the other keyboards I use are model M, and I'm not going to become accustomed to three model M and one model F.

Maybe I'll use it one day.




  1. Is it possible to remap the old keyboard and then put stickers on the keys to change them, or even move the keys?

    1. Yes, that's possible, and I did remap the keys. But I've gotten used to the large ENTER key on the model M, and the extra 20-odd keys, and I'd use a model F if I had to, but constant switching between a model F and model Ms means that my fingers keep hitting the wrong keys.