Wednesday 25 August 2021

Day 527 of self-isolation - No McMilkshakes

No McMilkshakes

Even in my worst estimates of Brexit, I could not have predicted this. McDonalds has run out of milkshakes and bottled drinks. This is part of a more widespread problem - truckers.

Brexit has led to a lot of truckers leaving the UK, international deliveries take a lot longer (which worsens the trucker shortage), and the pandemic has made things worse.

Various supermarkets are also having problems with deliveries, and Nandos and KFC are suffering from shortages.


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  1. Lets get more EU Vodka Fuelled drivers on our roads in unroadworthy trucks to kill more innocent UK drivers and ro ad users FFS take a look at history of foreign trucks and drivers breaking all UK road rules we can all do without MC Donald's milkshakes. Think of the families wiped out while they cook watch movies and over the limit while they drive