Friday 13 August 2021

Day 515 of self-isolation - EDF meter

EDF meter

Last March, I tried to take an electricity meter reading, so that EDF could bill me. But the display wasn't working, so I contacted EDF to tell them. I sent them a picture of the display, demonstrating that the display was showing garbage, and they started the process of replacing the meter.

Today (five months later), a man in a van turned up, took one look at the meter, and gave me the bad news. It's a three phase supply. Yes, I knew that. But no-one had told him. He couldn't replace three phase supply meters, he wasn't qualified for that. So he took a picture of the meter, and left.

You'd think that my electricity supplier would know what they were supplying.

So I emailed EDF to let them know the situation, and I suppose the next step will take several more months.


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