Friday 23 July 2021

Day 494 of self-isolation - PCI DSS


Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. I have to do this each year. It certifies that my systems are secure enough for working with credit card data.

So, I did it last week, or at least I thought I did. And the bank web site confirmed that I had. But yesterday I got a phone call from them - apparently, I did last year's again.

So, I did it again. I answered all the questions, but I must have done something wrong, because it assessed me as "high risk". So I phoned the bank again, and they had a look through it, and they must have changed something because then I was low risk. I don't know what they changed, and since it led to the answer we all wanted, I didn't like to do a deep probe.

So I'm all set for another year.


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