Tuesday 6 July 2021

Day 477 of self-isolation - Freedom


On July 19th, we're exiting out of the exit.

Social distancing will be abolished (hugging will not actually be compulsory). Masking will be optional, and gatherings will not be number-limited.

And Boris Johnson is expecting some 50,000 new infections per day.

But we're expecting a low death rate, and that the NHS will be able to cope with the hospitalisations. So that sounds OK.

This might be right for the country as a whole; we need the economy to get going. Pubs and clubs, airlines and restaurants need to get back to business.

But it isn't right for me. I've been vaccinated twice, so that's good, but I don't need to revive my economy. Right through this pandemic, I've been more cautious than the government advice. I locked down weeks before the official lockdown, and I ignored the "Eat out to help out" idiocy.

So if, after July 19th, I get really really ill, there will be room at the hospital for me, which is nice, but it would be nicer if I didn't need it. And I really don't want Long Covid.

So, on July 19, I am not going to squeeze into crowded rooms with zillions of people. I will continue to social distance, and wear a mask when I go out.

Meanwhile, our oven-ready but half-baked government has found a way to reward the wonderful people of our NHS by giving them a medal.

That's right. Not cash - tea and medals.

OK, it's nice to (collectively) get a medal, but I'm guessing that the NHS staff would rather  have a good pay rise.


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  1. I'm in the US but not in my home state for the past month. Though restrictions are mostly lifted here, some people continue to wear masks in public places, myself included. It feels about 50/50 currently in places like a supermarket. Most of the employees continue to wear masks though not all. At restaurants, most of the employees are still masked though customers now are mostly unmasked walking in/out. There might be a little blip here or there but as you noted, even if cases rise, deaths remain lower.

    Hopefully what we've seen that appears to be ok enough is what occurs in your area.