Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Day 401 of self-isolation - Blood clots

Blood clots

Let's look at the numbers.

20 million doses of the  AstraZeneca vaccine in the UK

79 cases of blood clots

19 deaths

That's about four cases per million, one death per million vaccinations.

So what are the odds if you aren't vaccinated?

The normal number of brain clots is - five cases per million. So is the vaccine causing those four, or are they clots that would have happened anyway? We don't know.

But what if you're taking the oral contraceptive? 400 cases per million.

Pregnancy? 2000 cases per million.

And the worst of all - Covid-19 - 310000 cases per million.

 But let's look at some really nasty stuff. These are total 2010 figures, in a population of 60 million. So, divide by 60 to get deaths per million.

Choking from food - 203 deaths

Drowning in bath tub - 29

Fall from ladder - 53

Alcohol poisoning - 188

Cyclist in accident - 96

Life is dangerous. That's why we are careful when crossing a road (pedestrian in hit by car, van, lorry or bus, 188) and when using stairs (falls from stairs and steps, 655) and swimming (68).

In the UK, there's an average of five road traffic deaths per day. 1752 deaths in 2019.

Nothing is 100% safe. Doing nothing is not safe. The  AstraZeneca vaccine is safe enough.


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