Sunday 18 April 2021

Day 398 of self-isolation - Three million

Three million

As of now, three million people have died from Covid-19. we're in the fourth wave.

It's looking good in the UK, very good with 35 deaths yesterday and 2206 new cases, but when you look at the world situation, it's still looking very bad.

New cases have hit 850,000 per day, and new deaths 14,000. The worst countries for death numbers are still Brazil, India and the USA. Brazil is looking to turn down, but the USA has started to trend upwards again. And India is looking truly dreadful with a quarter million new cases each day. And I suspect that the more rural parts of India might be under-reporting.

In India there is a variant (B1617) with a double mutation, and there are 77 cases of this in the UK. And this mutation is more infectious, which is what you'd expect from evolution.

In the UK, 61% of the population has been vaccinated; in India, 1%



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