Monday 12 April 2021

Day 392 of self-isolation - A pi bridge

A pi bridge

So now I want to see if I can set up a Pi Bridge. I took two version 1 pies, amd installed the latest Raspbian version (Buster). I followed this recipe to turn each of the pies into an access point.

That turned out to be non-trivial. The wifi dongles that I'm using, are using the nl80211 driver, but wouldn't work as access points (AP). I tried swapping the dongle, and I found that of nine dongles, three of them have AP capability, and six don't.  I don't understand this, because eight of these dongles are the same. Ot anyway, they look the same.

Eventually, I got the two APs working, called pibridge01 and pibridge02.

Sufficient for the day. I'll try to turn them into a bridge tomorrow. Here's another recipe.

The pages I used for this are:

The Covid numbers for Saturday were, 7 deaths, 1730 new cases. It's a weekend number, therefore shrunken, but it's looking really good.


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