Tuesday 13 April 2021

Day 393 of self-isolation - Eye test

Eye test

It's been several months since I had an eye test, so they called me in again. For some years now, the pressure in my left eye has been excessive. Left untreated, that would damage the nerve, so we've been controlling it with eye drops, and they've been working well. And the test today says it's still working well.

But there's another problem coming at my left eye. When I compare the view out of the left, with the view out of the right eye, the right view is a lot brighter, and sharper. The eye doctor took a look, and he thinks that I have an incipient cataract. That means that the lens of the eye is clouding, and that's exactly how it feels. He's going to take a deeper look at it in a couple of months. The only treatment is surgery to replace the lens, but that isn't recommended unless it's really bad - which it currently isn't.

Meanwhile, I made an appointment with my local optician. It's been a year since I was last checked, it was just before the lockdown. It might be that my left eye needs a different spectacle lens.

The other thing I've noticed, is that I now have trouble reading without glasses. I can read fine with my reading glasses, and even with my midrange (as used for computing).

I suppose this is all an inevitable concomitant of maturity.


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