Wednesday 7 April 2021

Day 387 of self-isolation - Irish Vat Moss

Irish Vat Moss

Last time I lost weight, I got down to 15-2, and then yoyoed back up again. Today, I got down to that level, but I'm not stopping here!

One of my mail servers went down, for no apparent reason. It's a Raspberry Pi 1. I have a backup mail server, of course, and that carried n working, so mail continued to flow. Mostly spam.

I power cycled the server - no joy. So I went to it and fiddled with it, making sure that the ethernet connection was good. And that fixed it. I don't see how it could have gotten loose, but maybe there's a lot about ethernet that I don't understand.

I did my VAT Moss for the first quarter 2021. I can't use the HMRC site any more, because the UK is no longer a member of the EU. So I registered with the Irish tax people, because I thought that I could pretty much rely on them being comfortable with English.

I used that registration for the first time today, and I was pleasantly surprised. I had to convert all the numbers from pounds to euros, but that's just a simple addition to my spreadsheet.

Using the Irish VAT Moss system, turned out to be easier than the HMRC on. With the HMRC, I had to fill in the VAT rate as well as the sales numbers for each country by copying the rate from a popup on the HMRC site. With the Irish site, I just tell it to use the e-commerce rate, and it already knows the VAT percentage. Why didn't the HMRC site do that?

So, I filled in all the numbers, double checked that everything was correct, and submitted the form. Then, on the same site, I paid. HMRC made me go to a different site and jump through more hoops to pay them, and when I got it wrong, (by paying the VAT account instead of the VAT Moss account), I got into trouble and had to pay a very small fine, and to sort out the mess I'd created.

I don't fully understand why, as a UK citizen, I have to pay taxes levied in the various EU countries, but there it is.

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