Monday 5 April 2021

Day 385 of self-isolation - Two servers down

Two servers down

They aren't customer-facing, they are backups. But I do want my backups to work.

The first one is named "disku". That has a 2tb drive that seems to be failing. When I opened it up, I could hear the drive making that clicky noise, the "click of doom" as it repeatedly tried, and failed, to recalibrate. The cure for that is to replace the drive.

But I don't have any more spare 2tb drives, so I went onto eBay and found someone selling Seagate Barracudas (I like that drive) for under £40. I bought four. Last time I bought 2tb drives, they were the biggest available, and cost £200. The drive is still working, just about, but I'll replace it when the new ones arrive.

While I was doing all this, the root drive failed. That's a 30 gb IBM 2.5 inch drive, and it's indescribably ancient. So I replaced it with a newer 60gb Toshiba, yummed in all the necessary software, and that's looking good now.

The second failing computer is "diskt" - some of my computer names are unimaginative. "diskt" is one of three computers that are just storage. The first one is called "disks" and you can see how that works.

diskt had a failing root drive. But after I rebooted it a few times, it seems OK. The self-test (SMART) says that it's got no bad sectors and is running fine. Go figure. I'll run it for a whioe, and if the root drive fails again, I'll replace it.



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