Friday 2 April 2021

Day 382 of self-isolation - My bank is full of idiots

My bank is full of idiots

We’re sorry but we’ve discovered that, due to a technical issue, we’ve not been charging your ePDQ management fee correctly.
We’re now giving you 60 days’ notice that this charge will become effective from 1 June 2021.
Your ePDQ management charge will be billed at £25.00 plus VAT each month.

Actually, they were already charging me £25 plus VAT each month.


And then ...

I tried to do my monthly PAYE submission, using the HMRC software. The first thing it did, is it asked if it could update itself. So I allowed that. Then when I tried to run it, it wouldn't work. Surprise! It loaded the splash screen, waited a while, then it went away. I tried again. Same result. Right, said I.

So, we, had a cup of tea ... Right said I, time for a reboot. So I rebooted.

And it worked.

And next, I have the delightful proposition of using the Irish tax office to do my VAT Moss and pay a couple of dozen countries the VAT that I think I have to pay, now that we've left the EU. Let's hope it's easier to use than the HMRC Vat Moss software. It can hardly be harder.

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