Friday 26 March 2021

Day 375 of self-isolation - The claret flows

The claret flows

Wednesday night, I had a nose bleed. Usually, it's just a spot or so, and that only happens occasionally. Last night, a dam was breached and a flood ensued.

It was dripping out fast. I managed to get to the bathroom without dripping on the carpet, but then the claret flowed and the toilet bowl ran scarlet. I used most of a roll of toilet paper trying to stop the bleeding. I held my head high, and pressed my nose. It took two hours before it finally stopped, and then I sat up in a chair for three more hours, in case it restarted. I read most of a book.

Today, I checked my blood pressure145/85, pulse 66. That is at the low end of hypertension, although one of the readings was 124/82/62, which is only just above normal. I also checked the oximeter, and got 99%, which is top-notch. My self-medication for high blood pressure consists of losing weight, and if you've been following this blog, you'll know it's working. That will also ward off possible future diabetes, heart problems and Covid complications, but leave me with the problem of fending off the hordes of women trying to get into my pants. If it isn't one thing, it's another.

My INR, last test, was 2.0 - I'm on Warfarin, and the target range is 2 to 3.  Normal is 1.0, so my blood should take twice as long to clot as normal. Which means, a nose bleed would take longer to stop than in an unmedicated person.

It's now 12 hours later, and the flow is staunched. My clotting worked as per standard, although it took longer than I would have liked.

I reckon I lost nearly an armful. I'm not bothered by that, I can make more blood. The main outcome was the loss of five hours sleep, so I'm going to feel sleepy this afternoon.

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