Wednesday 24 March 2021

Day 373 of self-isolation - One year of lockdown

One year of lockdown

March 23, 2020, the UK went into lockdown. That was a week after House Solly went into lockdown, and two weeks after we should have.

My comment on March 23, 2020 was:

We won't see a vaccine for at least a year. People making optimistic noises about "a few months" are basing this on hopes and prayers. We have to live with this until some time in 2021.

Today, we are eighth in deaths per million population, and those eight include three countries with a population under a million. We have done worse than France, Spain, Italy, Brazil and the USA.

But we're near the best in vaccinations, and that has brought our daily death rate down to around 100 per day. with a seven day average of 85.

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