Saturday 20 March 2021

Day 369 of self-isolation - Bojo got jabbed

Bojo got jabbed

Boris, and 660,000 other people, got vaccinated today. That's more than 1% of the UK population in one day! Very good. 

Boris said it was "painless and quick". On the other hand, a year ago Boris bravely volunteered to test the hypothesis that Covid-19 isn't infectious. Fortunately the NHS was able to save his life after a while in the Intensive Care Unit.

Germany and France have started using the AZ vaccine again, and French President Mr Moron got his jab today. But the French have a very bad case of "vaccine hesitancy", and his remarks in the last week or so haven't helped. It's almost as if a vaccine developed in the UK is something that the French really don't want.

The USA, however, has not approved the AZ vaccine, and they have 30 million doses sitting in a warehouse in Ohio. But even with that, the US vaccination program is running well, with a third of the population vaccinated. And even Trump has recommended getting the vaccine, which will have confused the Trumpsters who believed his previous claims.

France is going into a major lockdown. Italy is going into a total shutdown over Easter (3 April). Hamburg is going into full lockdown.

In the UK, the latest new deaths number is down to 101, infections 4802. This is much better than in recent weeks, and I think it will continue to improve. The number of infections might not come down by a lot, but the most important numbers are hospitalisations and deaths. We have now vaccinated everyone over 60, which is where the main death rate was, and we're now going for people with significant factors that Covid hurts badly. So the infections in future, will more and more be of the non-hospitalisation kind, and I think the death date will continue to fall.

Europe is now getting another wave, but because we've been so efficient at vaccinations (40% of British people have had a jab), our death rate isn't going to go up again. I hope.

This is tough on the rest of Europe. They should have gotten their act together at least as well as the UK and the USA.

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