Wednesday 17 March 2021

Day 366 of self-isolation - One year later

One year later

Who would have thought that, one year later, we would still be fighting this pandemic?

I made a satirical post a year ago "Day 97 of isolation" about food and toilet paper, and that's when ladysolly and I went into isolation. We weren't going to wait for our world-beating government to get a clue.

My last contact with the World Outside, was a trip to the dentist on the 16th to remove a broken tooth. After that, it was "shields up!".

The UV idea didn't work, because the UV lamps that I bought, weren't actually UV. But the alcohol spray idea worked.

I was 233 pounds - 16 stone 9. I'm now 215 pounds - 15 stone 5, I lost 18 pounds. That's good, but I need to lose more.


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