Wednesday 10 March 2021

Day 359 of self-isolation - Wifi


This is a big house. To get wifi in all the rooms, I'm using six routers, all different brands. All different names. If you go from one room to another, and the router you're connected to doesn't reach that far, the iphone or ipad automatically switches to a working router. But if the connection is poor, it stays with the poor connection, even though there is a good one available.

The other problem, is the sweeper robot. It can only connect to one router, and when it's too far from that, it can't connect.

The solution to this, is mesh wifi. With mesh, all the routers work together, acting like  one single router. The problem with that solution, is cost. Mesh routers can be quite expensive, more than £100, and I'll probably need several.

The solution to the problem above, is to use very cheap mesh routers. But mesh routers are expensive.

Except the Raspberry Pi Zero W, which is a very cheap device, about £10. And I can use openwrt, with a Pi 3 and as many pi zeros as necessry.

I've ordered a pi 3 and three Zeros. We'll see how it goes.

And there was a statement from Buckingham palace. I wonder if they have mesh wifi?

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