Tuesday 2 March 2021

Day 351 of self-isolation - Vaccines are effective

Vaccines are effective

It turns out that the Covid vaccines cut risk of serious illness by 80% in over-80s. And it cuts the risk of people over 70 developing any Covid symptoms by around 60%. But 25% of us are still vaccine-hesitant.

When I cracked my ribs a couple of years ago, my first reaction was to do nothing; it didn't hurt that much. A few days later, I could barely move. So I went to A & E. And the medical people there, did things. What things did they do? They did the things that they thought would be best for me. 

I didn't diagnose or prescribe the treatment. I just trusted the NHS doctors that they'd do their best.

I didn't "do my own research" on how to treat broken ribs, because learning to be a medical doctor takes years, and I'm certainly not going to take the advice of Frank on Facebook. What I did, was trust the expertise of peoeple who have spent years learning what to do for broken ribs.

Same with the vaccine.

If you trust the NHS, then you take their recommendations. If you don't trust the NHS, then I hope you never come off your bicycle like I did. Because you won't even know exactly what's wrong with you, let alone how to treat it.


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