Thursday 25 February 2021

Day 346 of self-isolation - Blood test

Blood test

Every few months, I get a blood test, to check my INR (how runny it is). Today's blood test came up good, and my Warfarin dose is the same.

The hospital was almost deserted.

There was one guy at the entrance, to check that I was masked and he was offering hand sanitiser (which I declined, because you're not supposed to use it before a blood test.

The second hand book library has been closed for a year - I totally understand why, but it's always been the high point of my quarterly hospital visit. At £1 per book, I stock up each time.

There was no-one in the reception, no-one in the corridors, no-one in the waiting room. It was like a ghost hospital. This time last year, it was crowded.

I asked the blood test nurse. It's a combination of, more people are consulting remotely, and the timed appointment system. Previously, I was given a date, but I could turn up any time from 9am to 1pm. Now I'm given an exact time.

And I do have to be there for the blood test.


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