Monday 22 February 2021

Day 343 of self-isolation - Another gallon

Another gallon

I just bought another gallon of alcohol. It isn't for drinking.

Ever since this started, we've been disinfecting. I had about a gallon of hand sanitiser, bought a few years ago for hand sanitising. Because when you're in the middle of nowhere with filthy hands, that's a good way to clean them. And everything that comes into the house, I've been spraying with this (or leaving it for three days). And I'm running out, I'm down to the last litre.

So I bought a five litre container of 80% alcohol (80% is actually more effective than 100%) for £15, which is a really good price.

I'll use it to refill the 500 ml bottles (5 litres is really unwieldy). From these, I refill the spray bottles. Each grocery delivery needs one of those bottles to spray it and (hopefully) kill all bacteria and viruses.

That's the theory.

I don't know if it's actually worked, but the fact that we haven't got Covid has to be a good sign.

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