Thursday 18 February 2021

Day 339 of self-isolation - Infection test

Infection test

Now's your chance. If you've always wanted someone to squirt Covid up your nose to see if you get ill, you can volunteer now.

You'd need to be between 18 and 30, and healthy. You'll get £4500 per year.

The main purpose of this, is to discover how much of the virus does it take to cause an infection.

Back in early March (well before the lockdown), I visited the National Space Center in company with Ian, who at the time was infected, although he didn't know it. I spent two hours next to him in the front of his car, breathing in what he breathed out. And I don't think I got infected. I'm pretty sure I didn't get infected. And the explanation for that, must be that I didn't breathe in enough virus to catch Covid. The other possible explanation is the Luck of the Solomons.

This experiment will also give researchers a chance to monitor the progress of the disease from day one of infection.


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  1. Way better deal then the US stimulus checks that were distributed, not that I got one of those either.