Friday 12 February 2021

Day 333 of self-isolation - Rover's return

Rover's return

Rover seems to do a random walk around the room for about an hour, and then takes four hours to recharge, So that means that she can only do three stints per day. The manual says that she can run for 100 minutes; then she returns to her kennel for five or six hours of charging.

After each clean, the dust box is either nearly empty (hard floor) or about half full (carpet). The noise level is quiet; it's not nearly as loud as an ordinary vacuum.

She can climb up from a hard floor to a thick rug, but when she tried to clean my bedroom (carpet) she got badly tangled up in a small rug. When I went to look, the rug was folded and pulled around, and Rover was sitting quietly waiting for help. I think she should bark when she gets into trouble. Or at least beep. Barking would be better.

Right now, I'm using her by moving her kennel into the room to be cleaned, and leaving her to get on with it, closing doors to keep her inside (or putting up a line of big things to keep her from wandering out.

I haven't yet tested whether she can avoid falling down stairs. That's going to be fun.


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