Friday 29 January 2021

Day 319 of self-isolation - Vaccinations continue

Vaccinations continue

Brother-in-law and sister-in-law have been summoned for vaccination over the coming weekend. So the rollout is continuing - 7.5 million people have had their first dose as of 27 January, that's 11%. 

Meanwhile, the Oxford University/AstroZeneca vaccine hasn't been approved by the EU, but they're complaining that they aren't getting all the deliveries they were expecting. Well, tough. This isn't like manufacturing cardboard boxes, and there's been less made than the manufacturer had hoped.

In Germany, they are worrying about the effectiveness of this vaccine on over-65s. The worry is caused by the fact that the population tested only had a few hundred over-65s.

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  1. My first vaccine dose (Pfizer) received this morning - I will be part of tomorrow's 7 million plus statistic.
    All carried out really efficiently at local GP partnership clinic + was also given appointment for follow-up dose, assuming exports don't get blocked by that nasty EU.
    The medic asked "Tell me when you're ready", but before he had finished "ready", the needle was in and out again.
    And before anyone asks "Did you feel a prick" - not at all 😂