Thursday 28 January 2021

Day 318 of self-isolation - The heat's on

The heat's on

In the last couple of days, the heat pump has been moved into place and plumbed in. The floors are warm again, the house is heated. We can stop using propane gas heaters, at last.

I can plumb, and have, I've installed a sink, I connected our waste system to the main sewage pipe. I can plumb in copper and in plastic.

But not with lead.

Plumbing with lead is a lot more difficult that copper or plastic. And the word "plumber" comes from the latin word for lead, "plumbum". But we don't use lead much now, because we know that heavy metals like lead can be quite toxic.

Installing a heat exchanger is probably beyond my plumbing skill. So I'm glad that it was done by proper plumbers.

And ladysolly can be warm again.

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