Tuesday 26 January 2021

Day 316 of self-isolation - Brexit costs

Brexit costs 

Heat exchanger

The men to install it have arrived - just in time, we're in a cold snap, we need our heating back. 

We gave them the Covid test, all passed. 

Brexit costs

Meanwhile, Brexit is the gift that keeps on giving. You'll have heard about the sad plight of the UK fishing industry, which now has access to British fish in British waters, but because we left the Single Market are having big problems in selling them into EU markets. 

But that only affects the fishing industry.

Now Mastercard is raising their fees by 500% for people in the UK buying stuff in the EU. 


The EU capped the fees charged by Mastercard at 0.3% for credit cards. But the UK isn't in the EU. So now we pay 1.5% to Mastercard (and you can expect that Visa will follow suit).


  1. So as a sovereign nation, we should cap credit card fees to 0.3%, or whatever our government decides. Leaving the EU is not the problem.

  2. Maybe we could do that. But then, why haven't we done that?

  3. I think, Leaving the EU is not the problem..